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Plant and Equipment Training Courses

Firefect offers a range of licencing and training courses for those that will be required to use plant and equipment in the course of their work. Our training courses cover forklift licencing, operation of an elevating work platform (under 11m), licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (over 11m), elevating work platform escape and rescue and dogging.

Our specialist training can be undertaken at our training centre in Dubbo or we can bring our mobile simulation trailers to your job or work site. Firefect is your perfect training solution for all things confined space and work safety.

Call us on (02) 6885 3000 or email to discuss your training needs today.

Successful completion of this course will allow the participant to apply with SafeWork NSW in order to receive a licence to operate a forklift truck in Australia.

This licencing course covers all aspects of forklift operation including planning work, conducting routine maintenance checks, moving loads in a safe manner and correct shut down and stowing of equipment at the completion of work.

Learn the skills to plan and use rigging equipment and cranes to move loads on a site using communications methods.

This course teaches participants how to plan work, conduct routine checks of lifting equipment and cranes, setup of equipment and crane for lifting, calculating weight and sling loads, transferring the load using communication methods and safely shutting down and securing equipment at the conclusion of works.

Successful completion of the course allows the participant to apply for a high risk work licence to conduct dogging and dogman operations on a building or construction site.

This course is for those working with elevating work platforms 11m or less in height. Our course is focused around the operation of a boom-type lift, however a scissor-style lift can be used if requested.

This one day-course teaches participants all aspects of operating a smaller elevating work platform in a safe manner by looking at pre-planning movements, operations, maintenance checks and safely stowing everything at the end of the day’s work.

This is a course designed for those that will be required to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (EWP) with a length of 11 metres or more.

This course contains two days of training covering areas such as planning work, setup, operating and shutting down the EWP as well as how to conduct routine maintenance checks of the plant to ensure it is kept in proper working order.

Successful completion of this course makes the participant eligible to receive a High Risk Work Licence from SafeWork NSW for the operation of this plant.

Learn the skills required to operate an elevating work platform over 11m safely in the workplace and also how to perform a rescue and escape from an EWP in the event of an emergency.

The two-day course covers the same components as TLILIC0005 Licence to Operate a Boom-Type Elevating Work Platform (Boom Length 11m or More) and adds in additional skills in performing a rescue from an EWP and performing a controlled descent from an EWP.

Participants in Elevating Work Platform Escape and Rescue will learn skills related to performing a controlled descent from an EWP and performing a rescue from an EWP.

The course covers inspection of rescue equipment, assessment of hazards, assessment of casualties and the need for CPR, controlled emergency descent from an EMP, performing a rescue from an EWP and more.