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Confined Space Training Courses

Firefect provides first class training for those working in and around confined spaces. Our courses cover the basics from working within an area requiring a permit to enter to the operation of breathing apparatus to courses designed for those supervising teams working in confined spaces.

Our specialist training can be undertaken at our training centre in Dubbo or we can bring our mobile simulation trailers to your job or work site. Firefect is your perfect training solution for all things confined space and work safety.

Call us on (02) 6885 3000 or email to discuss your training needs today.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to safely work in and around confined spaces with this two-day beginners training course. Learn how to identify hazards, gas test the atmosphere of a confined space, understand the duties of a standby person and become familiar with the various types of personal protective equipment and rescue equipment used when working in confined spaces.

This course is designed for anyone who may be required to enter and work within a confined space as part of their job and could include anyone from an entry level staff member through to senior management.

Learn how to operate breathing apparatus so that you can safely enter and work in confined spaces that contain an irrespirable atmosphere. Participants will engage in the operation and maintenance of breathing apparatus equipment as defined by AS/NZS 1715:2009.

Operate Breathing Apparatus is a coursed aimed at those that work in confined spaces that are likely to contain hazardous gases and vapors or are oxygen deficient. As the breathing apparatus requires a seal to be made around your mouth, participants must be clean shaven in order to take part in the course.

Expand your abilities with this course that teaches the roles and responsibilities of managing and supervising teams that work in and around confined spaces. Learn about legal obligations around working in confined spaces, maintaining operator safety and skills required for group leaders.

This course is best suited to people already working in a supervisory role or looking to become a supervisor of people working in and around confined spaces. Participants must already hold a current competency in RIIWHS202D Enter and Work in Confined Spaces to enroll in this course.

This course is a combined offering of Firefect’s Confined Space Training and MSMWHS216 Operate Breathing Apparatus into a single, two-day course where upon completion successful participants will gain qualification in both working in and around confined spaces plus the use of breathing apparatus.

This course is perfect for those that may be required to work in confined spaces that are likely to contain irrespirable atmospheres with course content that covers entry and exit of confined spaces, gas testing atmospheres, local risk control and the operation of breathing apparatus.

For those that have already achieved competency in working in confined spaces, these refresher courses ensure your knowledge and skills remain up to date if you are feeling out of practice.

Refresher courses cover units of competency including MSMPER200 Work in Accordance with an Issued Permit, RIIWHS202D Enter and Work in Confined Spaces, MSMWHS217 Gas Test Atmospheres and RIIRIS201D Conduct Local Risk Control.