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Safety System Design and Installation

Firefect can design, install and certify a height safety or roof access system for your business. We specialise in the installation of ladder systems, guardrails, platforms, walkways, rail and cable fall arrest systems, anchor points and more.

Our experts can design a custom safety system for whatever your working at heights safety needs from roofs to plant access, raised platforms, access ladders and other access areas.

Firefect can design and install a roof access or height safety system for a wide range of applications including roof access, plant and equipment access, window cleaning and silo access.

We also provide a service to inspect fall arrest and height safety systems for compliance to the relelvant standards and legislative requirements.

A Firefect height safety system could contain any number of compenents that work together to keep people safe when working heights.

Height safety ladder systems can include rung-type, step-type and fold down systems while we can also design and install a passive height safety system including guard rails, platforms, walkways and netting.

Our experts can design an engineered system including rail elements for both abseilling and fall arrest plus horizontal and vertical cable systems.

We can also install a variety of anchor points for abseilling and fall arrest on all roof types.

Call (02) 6885 3000 or email today to learn more about how we can keep your team safe every time they work at height.

Firefect is the perfect solution for your roof access and working at heights safety system needs.