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Drone Inspections and Surveys

Firefect offers a range of inspection and survey services involving the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. The use of drones in conducting areas surveys or inspections brings a vast improvement in the quality of the job along with improvements to safety, efficiency and the quality of the data that can be gathered.

The use of drones and UAVs to conduct aerial surveys and inspections is useful for a vareity of industrial and civil assets including spillways, water treatment plants, dams, reservoirs, communications towers, solar farms, mines and many more.

Our drone inspection programs can utilise aerial photography and videography during a survey to assess the entire structure or assets and identify problems including fracturing, shifting, chipping, surface degradation, weed intrusion and other abnormalities. Idenitification of issues such as these is critical to ensuring plant and equipment can be used in a safe manner and that structures are safe for workers to enter and use.

In addition, a drone survey can be used to scope a building or asset as part of a design process for the installation of a height safety system or to identify existing height safety systems in need of detailed inspection.

Firefect’s drone inspection and survey service is designed to cut costs, deliver efficiencies and remove the need for access equipment.